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Plain View Doctrine. In the context of searches and seizures, the principle that provides that objects perceptible by an officer who is rightfully in a position to observe them can be seized without a Search Warrant and are admissible as evidence. The U.S. Supreme Court has developed and refined the plain view doctrine over time. In its simplest explanation, a plain view doctrine allows law enforcement if they feel they have probable cause they may seize objects that are in plain view if they feel these objects are contraband or used in a crime. The rule that an object falling into plain view by an officer has the right to seize that object without a warrant. Keep in.

the plain view doctrine applies when 1 the officer is lawfully present at the place where the evidence can be plainly viewed, 2 the officer to have a lawful right of access to the object, 3 and the incriminating character of the object to be immediately apparent. Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Search and Seizure/Warrantless Searches/Plain View. This power is separate and apart from the common law doctrine of plain view seizure. See Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Search and Seizure/Seizure of Property for more on seizure. Plain View plain view n 1: a location or field of perception in which something is plainly apparent 2: a doctrine that permits the search, seizure, and use of evidence obtained without a search warrant when such evidence was plainly perceptible in the course of lawful procedure and the police had probable cause to believe it was incriminating see also inadvertent discovery compare fruit of the.

Under the plain view doctrine, a law enforcement officer can seize evidence of a crime otherwise known as 'contraband' without a warrant, if the officer observes the contraband in plain view. Cases involving the plain view, plain smell, and plain feel. Home current Contact. Email. Everyone's Place for Police Related Case Law. Plain View/Open Field. Plain View-The observation of objects of evidentiary value that can be clearly seen from public places does.

Horton v. California, 496 U.S. 128 1990 Horton v. California. No. 88-7164. Argued Feb. 21. the officer did not find the stolen property, but did find the weapons in plain view and seized them. The trial court refused to suppress the seized evidence, and Horton was. even-handed law enforcement is best achieved by applying objective. 762 JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW [Vol. 13:3 the circuit split that exists around how the plain view doctrine should be applied to computer searches and will argue that the intent-based approach of the Seventh and Tenth Circuits, which restores the inad-vertence requirement to the plain view doctrine, is the better and more effective alternative. Feb 22, 2017 What is the Plain View Search and Seizure? The Constitution places many limits on the government and law enforcement to make arrests, seize property, and search people and their possessions when they are accused of committing a crime.

The plain view doctrine is a creature of the common law. In the United States, the plain view doctrine was defined by the Supreme Court of the United States in Texas v.Brown as requiring lawful intrusion, discovery of the evidence inadvertently, and that it be immediately apparent that the object may be evidence of a crime, contraband, or otherwise subject to seizure.

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